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prada replica Handbag lovers like us have usually collected a wide variety of bags over to years to have at our disposal that fit specific purposes—some are for going out, and some are for traveling. Some are classic, and some are fashion-forward attention grabbers.

prada cahier bag replica Enter the Prada Velvet Cahier Bags, a collection that will take any outfit to the next level and make a statement. Before I get into the details of these bags, I have to tell you that I am in love! I have never wanted a velvet bag more than when I saw this collection. I didn’t just look at it and think, hey, this could be a fun bag—I thought, I’m buying one now and no one will stop me.

Prada always offers a wide variety of bags: classics like the Double and Galleria, as well as seasonal pieces that meld with themes of the brand’s runway shows and help bring them to life. This season, the big debut is a line of velvet bags based on the highly coveted Prada Cahier style, which leaves us with a show-stopping final result. These bags jump out at you on screen and trust me when I say that in person, the effect is almost three dimensional.

prada bags replica wholesale The Prada Cahier Bag was first introduced during the Prada Fall 2016 women’s show, and since its introduction, it has fast made its way into the hearts and arms of many. Each new iteration has wowed handbag lovers with its compact-yet-bold design, and it’s quickly become an iconic bag for the brand. The newest versions implement velvet enhanced by the trompe l’oeil technique, which gives a strong, playful product. Everything about the Prada Velvet Cahier Bags speaks to me—from the colorways that I wouldn’t necessarily think I’d like that I now need, to the simple idea of a velvet bag.

The Cashier is inspired by a diary, which is fitting: a bag is also a place to store your intimate items just as a diary stores your intimate thoughts. The typical hardware mimics that of an ancient book. That’s also true of this new version of the Cashier, but the details are printed on the bag instead of affixed in metal.

high quality replica handbags Another aspect of this bag that I adore is the shoulder strap matches the bag, with the same velvet on the outward facing side and typical hardware details are etched into the velvet. The end result is a bag that comes to life when you see it and trust me, you want to see these bags.

I love handbags for everything they offer—mainly they carry our necessities, but when you’re a handbag collector and lover like myself (and you, which is why you read us, I’m sure!), you sometimes want a bag that excites you. This bag excites me. This bag gets me. This bag doesn’t take itself too seriously. This bag is not just a great velvet bag, but a great bag overall, with a playful design that reminds me why I love bags so much: they’re fun and an outward expression of yourself. Your bag can easily be suited to your mood or personality, and as you all know, I’m a simple-outfit kind of gal, so finding an amazing line of bags like these is everything I want and more.

high quality prada replica handbags To be fair, I think they look much better in person than in photographs (no insult to the photographer intended! just the nature of the design and material). I saw them at the Zurich store and while they had a quirky appeal, if I were to get a Prada velvet bag, I’d go for either the moon and stars bag in black velvet (lush and tactile) or the Cubist bag. I love the Cubist bag and it’s just gorgeous when you see it in person and touch it. Plus, I think it’s like my Gucci Tian bag — the Cubist bag has such artistry in its design that it will not look like yesterday’s news when this season is over. Not sure if these cashier bags will be able to claim the same. (I would LOVE to get the Cubist bag, but have put those discretionary funds towards a business class ticket for my mother’s visit to us in Europe. Oh well, can’t have everything!)

high quality designer replica handbags I think velvet bags, in general, are hard to photograph, especially the trompe l’oeil effect. I love these bags and totally agree – the Cubist bag is so good too!

Prada is really getting ridiculous with their pricing especially for bags like this. Much like many other brands I might add. Just lights and glitter while the quality fades. I want unique craftsmanship not a bunch of velvet bags made in China but stamped made it Italy.

handbags replica Artistically this style of the cashier bag plays to the inner child that just wants fashion’s humorous side. It is a three season out of four bags, as velvet is not a good look in the summer unless you are Jimi Hendrix. It is cartoonish yet it works as wearable art, which may justify the price. The question is: Will this version of the cashier restore Prada to the powerhouse that it once was, or is Prada passe?

fake prada bags china  Not a fan, I second, third and fourth the comments below… look cheap and poor quality. I love Prada and have just about every primary color that any handbag connoisseur would have in their handbag closet and I can say with confidence this bag will not be joining them.

They really are – if you’re looking for a simple black bag, these are not it, but if you’re looking for something that stands out, this is it!

Let me see if we have an interior shot. To be honest, the exterior was so much fun I may have forgotten about the interior – but I’ll see!

fake prada bags cheap We work with many brands to bring their latest bags to you all, Prada being one of them. I cover Prada plenty of times when it’s not a collaboration – simply is a brand I really love! I don’t like the trompe l’oeil effect on any occasion because it usually translates as cartoonish. The velvet looks plush though, which would probably work better for winter – but not for me, I don’t like the cohesion of colors.

had they priced it at $ 1000 it would be a hit, I used to love Prada but have missed the mark for so long they are almost irrelevant

I feel like the most boring person on earth right now. but nah…?

fake designer handbags for sale To me it feels like they run out of inspiration to make something NEW (yet beautiful, stylish, inspiring and chic) so they desperately went crazy out of fear of becoming dull and “forgotten”…? I think they look like that fuzzy felt you get to play with when you are a child.. if I get a velvet bag it would be a Gucci Marmont over this.

I love the packaging—always have. When I order something online or go to a store, the way in which the product is boxed up and presented starts the entire experience before I even get to the product itself. Where some brands lack in presentation, others excel, and I’ve always found Prada packaging to be meticulously and beautifully put together. The exterior of the box that my latest Prada bags have come in includes the iconic blue Prada tag that is used on ready-to-wear items as well.

cheap replica handbags Realizing this tag was iconic, Prada decided to make its prevalent on a new line of bags called Prada Etiquette Bags, with etiquette translating to the label from French to English. The exterior of these bags features a stamped leather version of the iconic powder blue interior garment tag, sewn into a leather frame just as the fabric tags are sewn into the insoles of Prada shoes. This is a new look in place of the typical Prada logo you can find on the exterior of their bags, and it melds the accessories and ready-to-wear collections into one cohesive look.

The bags are a departure from other structured and more ladylike Prada classics like the Double Bag and Galleria Bag in that the calf leather, while thick and durable, makes for a softer, more worn-in look. There are a few styles, including a tote, shoulder bag, and small bag. While I like the tote, especially with the powder blue suede lining (that color has always been my color), the shoulder bag is right up my alley.

cheap replica designer handbags online The Prada Etiquette Shoulder Bag is one of those bags that spoke to me right away. I love the delicious, smooshy leather (yes, I know how it sounds to describe a bag as having delicious leather, but it does!), along with the pewter metal stud trim. I don’t always opt for extra metal detailing, but on this bag, it helps it stand out. The leather handle and leather shoulder strap are both detachable, and the interior is lined in suede with two pockets, one with a zipper closure and one with a flap. We had the black version, but there is a pink one available on the brand’s site that has my name all over it. Buy via Prada for $2,280.

best replica bags online As for the tote: it’s a really nice tote. The shape is simple and could take the place of other coated canvas totes with a similar design. The calf leather will make it heavier than your canvas or nylon totes, but it’s far more stylish. The hardware is also pewter-finished, which I love, and the double leather handles are long enough to wear this bag comfortably as a shoulder bag. Price is $2,200 via Prada.

While I am always in love with the way you take your pictures, I am sadly very unimpressed with the bags. Having said that, I am still a fan of Prada and many of the other bags they make.

While they look nice, the straps will wear horribly especially since this bag collection is more for daily wear. And the price tag is probably too high.

I like this collection. Finally, something that makes sense and will last more than a season. I think I may get the tote. But I also need more photo of that shoulder bag. Both look really good.

best prada replica bags Saw these bags in store this week and the leather is divine, really smooshy and buttery. I’m planning to get the small studded one like the one in the first picture. You should also do a post on the new nylon etiquette bags that have the zips on the sides, they look super cool.

The bags do look super cheap and do not justify the price tag of over $2,000. Prada has not brought in these last few seasons. It seems to just copy other brands and stamp its name on it and expects people to pay a hefty price tag for a mediocre product and no innovation just for the brand. So many designer brands are resorting to that. There is just no innovation anymore. Few brands innovate. replica bags is another brand that does this, and some of Dior designs also seem like that, as does Louis Vuitton. Only Gucci and to some extent Fendi seem to innovate in this space. Bottega Veneta is a good brand, but their products do not match the gorgeous photos. In-person the bags leave much to be desired. I just can’t get on the Prada bandwagon anymore. I have their double bag but I can’t justify spending any more on this brand. It is the worst, their new bags are awful and they just don’t innovate. I did see a couple of gorgeous wallets that got sold out and they made them limited edition, they have not come back. Why not bring back truly good stuff instead of churning out such crap?

So nice to hear that you like them as well 🙂 The Milla tote is beautiful but it is a little heavy for me, and I tend to go for lighter weight bags, also I go for smaller ones since I am petite. I heard from an SA that the Milla tote could get a little heavy if you put all your everyday essentials, and then some – it is roomy. I have ordered the Ella Boston bag and can’t wait to use it. It would be nice if you could do a feature on MCM bags sometime…

aaa replica designer handbags The pinnacle of Prada’s achievement may have been its double zip tote – practical and stylish. I have that bag, and no other bag of theirs seems to come up to that level of fashion sense and practicality aspect put together. I have recently become a huge fan of MCM (some bags of their line without the logo), for their excellent price point, superb quality, and great looks.

Ah! FINALLY a beautiful Prada bag. Lately, they have been so stiff and strange. Maybe this is the Prada- comeback I’ve longed for….? And the leather, you can see how nice it is. When will you write a more in-depth interview?

I think these are great. So nice to see Prada do something different and very much every day. I would actually buy one of these bags and I haven’t said that about a Prada bag in years.

prada replica bags india Oh my goodness, I love this collection! Finally a bag for women who WORK all the time! And with the practical internal organization so we don’t have to buy purse organizers! What a concept!

Yes, this is the ideal working tote! I am going to do a more in-depth review soon for you all. So glad you like it!

prada replica shoes A bit over a year ago, Prada sent me this bag with my initials on it. I loved it immediately. Prada Nylon bags were actually one of my first handbag true loves, and the bag I carried during college was a different Prada Nylon Messenger Bag. I started using this bag when Prada sent it and loved how deep it is and how easy it is to carry a lot of things inside it. I changed my bags out a few times, but wound up deciding to use this bag right after Millie was born (even though I have an actual Prada Diaper bag I’m planning to switch to soon—can you see a pattern here?!).

This Prada bag became my everyday bag for both myself and Millie, and it has worked out really well. I had so much amazing advice from all of you on what to do about a baby bag, but here’s what I’ve used the first five months—let me break it down for you below!

replica designer handbags I give this bag a 3.5-star rating on aesthetics, and really could be rated a bit less because there isn’t anything super special about a north-south black nylon bag. What makes this bag stand out is my initials on the back—I really like that aspect. Sometimes when I throw the bag over my arm, I’m not sure which side is facing out, but it’s pretty cool that it’s my initials (the MMD is for Meaghan (Megs) Mahoney Dusil, I kept my last name along with Vlad’s). My initials were added in different colors on the back of the bag and I really love them. They’re large—placed in the lower right-hand corner—and it makes this bag truly my own.

And while the majority of the bag doesn’t look super special, I think that’s what makes it attractive. It’s understated, which is the goal of most of Prada’s nylon bags. The double top handles and other accents are in black leather, which looks nice with the nylon. Overall, I appreciate the simplicity of the bag, and while it’s not a huge statement-maker, it’s a bag that can be carried daily and for years without ever going out of style. This isn’t the bag you get if you’re looking for a major impact design, but instead, it’s a bag that will be a workhorse in your collection and probably one of the most practical you own. Everyone needs those bags in their collection.

replica designer handbags suppliers Here’s where you are going to get tons of info. This bag is pretty large, and the interior is deep, which can make finding items difficult. But the usability and functionality of this bag change when you are using it as a workhorse, and that is what a baby bag needs to be. I’ve learned which essentials I need with me at all times for Millie, and this bag holds them easily.

I am still only nursing Millie (and she won’t take a bottle), so that means my baby bag habits will change when she begins eating solids. (I know, I know—many babies are eating solids at five and a half months, but they’re holding off with Millie until her gastro issues are figured out a bit better.) I don’t need to carry bottles or food with me yet, so expect a new bag review when I hit that stage.

Right now, in my bag at all times are about 3-5 diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a changing pad, a teether toy and one outfit change for Millie. Those items are always with me, and I am pretty religious about making sure my bag has them at any given time. The reason I love this bag is it has one massive ‘pocket’ that has a snap closure that spans the entire back side of the bag, a smaller zip pocket on the front interior of the bag, and the main compartment.

replica handbags The main compartment is the section where my Millie essentials live. I love that I can separate them and have them in their own area. It means Millie’s diapers and toys aren’t touching my random money and receipts flying around my bag, and I like that aspect because the snap pocket compartment seems ‘dirtier’ with the items that are being thrown inside of it.

Millie’s items aren’t actually that heavy unless her wipes are super full, which I try to avoid a brand new wipes package because it takes up a bunch of space and is really heavy. Her stuff just takes up more space, and I like that this bag has enough room that I can easily put everything inside and still see down to the item I need.

replica handbags china The snap pocket is used for my items. I have my wallet in there, a couple snacks, typically a water bottle, and, let me be honest—receipts are flying around in there. There’s my inhaler, hand sanitizer, some cash and other random items as well. Like I said earlier, this bag is quite deep, and I think if it were a few inches shorter, it would be easier to reach in and be able to find everything more easily.

The smaller zip pocket is where I keep my lip gloss, cell phone, and car keys. I love this pocket. I never zip it up and my items never fall out. This is where my smaller essentials go, and the pocket isn’t deep so it’s easy to find everything. If I accidentally drop my phone or keys into the main compartment, it ends up taking me quite a while to find them, so I try not to do that.

Overall, the usability and functionality of this bag are greater if you are able to wisely use each interior area. I think this would also make a great work bag or travel bag, but if you don’t carry many items around, you probably wouldn’t need one this big. The shoulder strap is adjustable and long enough to wear cross-body if you’d like, which I definitely do at times.

replica prada backpack You can see what I carry in my bag, but I’m planning to follow this up with a post that shows in greater detail items that you could fit (even a computer) if that’s what you were looking for.

I have put this bag through the ringer, and it’s held up beautifully. While I might have made it sound like I always have my bag edited down, that’s not the case. It’s easy for this bag to get really heavy because I didn’t look inside and end up having, like, two water bottles and a fresh, oversized package of wipes. Even with that, this bag has barely shown wear.

This bag has been flung over every chair, next to me in multiple bathrooms while I change Millie, and is lugged from the car to the stroller to wherever I need it. The nylon long shoulder strap doesn’t even have fraying, and that’s pretty amazing.

replica prada handbags cheap The bag is made well and has held up better than I anticipated. If I set it in water accidentally or spill something on it, it wipes off super easily. All of the stitches on the leather handles are intact, and the bag looks quite new, even though it’s been carried for a while non-stop and not treated gently. This bag reminds me why I love Prada nylon bags, so much and I would recommend one to you any day. It’s that good.

One could argue that the price of Prada nylon bags is still high for an-death, but I would argue that the price is great for what you get. This bag has been practically the only bag I’ve used day in and day out for over five months straight, with a couple of changes here and there for specific events. While this bag was a gift, I’d say that the price is right in line with what I’d expect to pay for it.

I always intended to carry my actual Prada diaper bag but this bag has worked really well thus far! I’m planning to switch it out for the other bag once I am carrying more food/bottles for Millie.

wholesale replica designer handbags And yes, so many bags with so many great ways to utilize then are on the market now! Beautiful little bug ❤ The bag is simple and practical. I carry several bags at a variety of price points as a diaper bag (I have two actual diaper bags, and a number of totes that can serve the purpose with a removable organizer insert), depending on my mood. It’s great that women have so many options these days and aren’t bound to those unsightly things from years past.

I used it as an everyday bag before I had Millie and it worked well. The only downside for me is it’s a little deeper than I’d like so you sometimes have to reach down quite a bit to find what you’re looking for, but if you pack the bag pretty full it works out really well!

Thank you for another Millie update, seeing her chubby smile makes my day! And the Prada bag seems to be very practical yet fun (love those initials). Happy Mother’s Day too 🙂

Super lightweight! I’ve found that my bag is consistently heavy now with Millie’s stuff so I really appreciate a lightweight bag.

wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping I personally wouldn’t put my bag in the washing machine, but the nylon is super easy to just take a damp cloth to and the same with the leather straps.

Millie is so adorable and motherhood looks greats on you Megs!! The bag is a great choice for a diaper bag especially because it’s so lightweight. My preference (when that time comes!) will be one without the leather straps so I can immerse it for a quick wash – if that’s advisable for Prada nylon.

I changed my diet a ton too. Removed dairy, soy, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, red meat, fish, eggs, and all refined foods. I did that for 4 months without any changes for her, so the dr said I could add a bit more back into my diet, but I’ve still been pretty strict.

wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk Happy Mother’s Day! We had issues with my DD also and she was exclusively breastfed. We had tests, went to specialists etc. It turned out that me going on a very elemental basic diet really helped her. I ate basically turkey and rice and drank water. No seasoning (not kidding). It worked though and she eventually outgrew the reflux issues. She’s 14 now so I forget how long it took but it seemed VERY long at the time!

Once I got this bag last year, it became a major part of my repertoire! I carry it often and it has reignited my love for Prada nylon bags as well!

She’s such a ham, she smiles in front of the cam! I love that bag! Prada was the first designer brand I lusted after-I had a couple of different nylon bags along the way but I don’t have them anymore-I’m going to be on the lookout now! You and Millie look so happy just hanging out together! She sure does love the camera!! 🙂 Thanks Megs!

Ha, thanks!! It’s a really good option for a work bag. This exact bag is still available via the boutiques, but I didn’t see it online anywhere. The handles have never bothered or gotten in the way because they fall to the sides like you notices.

The bag is almost as adorable as your baby. I do like this bag and think it would make a great work bag. I like the way when carried by the longer shoulder strap, the smaller handles fall down alongside the bag. The alternative bags that you linked to seem to have more stiff upright handles – and I don’t like that look.

Haven’t commented on the Purse Blog for years, but I really have to verbally gush over your baby! I adore her! Happy Mother’s Day Megs and to all your mom readers!❤ P.S. and what a cute fake prada bags cheap,fake prada bags china ,handbags replica,high quality designer replica handbags,high quality prada replica handbags,high quality replica handbags,prada bags replica wholesale bag too 🙂

Thank you for coming back to comment!! Millie is the sweetest baby ever, she brings me and so many others so much joy!

Like so many women my age, I was first introduced to Prada as a teen, when some of my peers started carrying anything and everything from Prada’s nylon collection. I’m pretty sure I badgered my mother every single day of eighth grade for the Prada Nylon Backpack. I needed it like I needed food and water. Sadly, she never fulfilled my wish, and I think I’m still a little bitter that I felt like the only girl in school without one. (I’ll admit I wasn’t actually the only one, but those years are hard, you know?) Needless to say, while I currently do not have a Prada bag in my rotation, I’m still wildly obsessed with the brand’s leather goods. They are consistent both in quality and style, and I’m truly perplexed as to why my current bag collection is void of a pretty little Prada! Lately, I am head-over-heels in love with The Prada Cahier Bag.

I first discovered the Cashier Bag last winter when Prada debuted it on its Fall 2016 runway, and I thought it was adorable. It’s structured yet easy to wear–the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. When Prada sent us the Cashier Notebook Bag in an embroidered version, my heart seriously skipped a beat. In white or tan with contrasting black stitching, it is the perfect way to spruce up any outfit without being too in-your-face. While the interior is a bit on the smaller side, I was still able to comfortably carry my must-haves for a day or night out. This, to me, is the perfect brunch bag! Overall dimensions are 8″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″. $3,210 via Neiman Marcus.

This bag is very impractical in terms of use. The “crossbody” strap ends up right under the bust/ ribcage, the triple compartment, which is very small, to begin with, aaa replica designer handbags,best prada replica bags,best replica bags online,cheap replica designer handbags online,cheap replica handbags,fake designer handbags for sale,prada cahier bag replica,prada replica,prada replica bags india,prada replica shoes,replica designer handbags,replica designer handbags suppliers,replica handbags,replica handbags china is impossible to make work with a phone, compact wallet, sunglasses or anything bulky, if you stuff the bag with just one or 2 things extra, the “accordion” look on the bag looks silly and odd, and the hardware squeaks when you move it around (it’s quite heavy). The bag is beautiful, just not user-friendly. I wish they would have made the larger size with just a single cavity, like the ribbon bags, but these triple compartment bags really eat up space and practicality.

That’s a gorgeous bag. I love the embroidery and how well it flows with the hardware they chose. (It’s embarrassing I made that rhyme by accident, but I’m gonna go with it now.)

The best I’ve seen coming from Prada in a while (bonus: it’s not saffiano!) I’m tempted to say it’s pricey but looking at the embroidery, the strap and all of that it seems a fair price for this level of craftsmanship. Good job Prada!

8″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″ @ $3,210 ain’t gonna cut it for a bag that I’d wear only with the perfect outfit, which, of course, I’d have to buy too!

I’ve always been a Prada girl; in fact, my first premier designer bag was a nylon Prada messenger bag that I used for college. Did it fit everything I needed? No. But I loved that bag, and I made it work. Now, I’m a major fangirl for Prada’s more structured offerings. The brand does Saffiano so well, and some of its classics, like the Prada Double and Prada Galleria bag, are among the most sought-after bags out there.

Enter the Prada Paradigme Bag. I love this bag. I simply love it. The Saffiano and calf leather combo is oh-so-lovely, and the interior of the bag is made for ease of use, with two accessible zippered pockets and two interior pockets, including one with a zipper closure. The bag has offset color embellishments on the shoulder strap and inside, which gives just the right touch of playfulness without going overboard.

This bag is made to be easy to carry, with double leather handles and a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. And like many other Prada bags, there are ample colorways, so you can find one that meets your fancy. All I can say is this bag is what my Prada dreams are made of and I love the black with the pink combo. Overall dimensions are 12.2″ x 9.2″ x 5.9″. $2,710 via Prada.

I think it depends on which city. I was just in Singapore for two weeks and saw a LOT of Prada bags, but not that many Saffiano totes. I also see a lot of Prada here in Switzerland.

I honestly can’t even remember which bags I saw most of in NYC – but I am always a Prada girl so I’m drawn to their designs! They have some really fun Spring/Summer bags I’m going to share soon!

I love Prada but it has been a while since Prada has come out with a revolutionary bag (there are all versions of the galleria totes and I use all three of mine quite often aaa replica designer handbags,best prada replica bags,best replica bags online,cheap replica designer handbags online,cheap replica handbags,fake designer handbags for sale,fake prada bags cheap,replica prada backpack,replica prada handbags cheap,wholesale replica designer handbags,wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping:)

You rarely see Prada bags being carried in the city and it has missed its mark way too many times – I wish miucci hired a good accessories designers because I’m ready to buy fresh new bags and accessories Gorgeous! I’m a Prada girl that’s strayed. But this may draw me back! Great move on from my beloved double zips.

I like the bag and love Prada, but am just not a Saffiano fan. I much prefer Vitello Daino and Cervo. Was in the Singapore store (Ion Orchard mall) last week and checked out the new Vitello daino bags, very nice. The SA told me Prada plans to increase its selection in this leather — maybe we could see something here on PB if that comes to pass?

“ditto” Megs. I Heart Prada as well and to me, this bag is the epitome of a handbag. So practical, chic, every day/occasion bag, AND easy to pop open and see all your stuff.

Something that’s always refreshing about Prada is that the brand’s runway shows never rest on their laurels when it comes to presenting accessories. Plenty of brands show collections that are mostly new versions of old favorites, which is fine (and sometimes even reassuringly consistent), but Prada almost always explores new handbag territory, which it did extensively on its Fall 2017 runway last week.

The ready-to-wear that paired with the season’s bags was especially cozy, full of knits and other soft, luxe, tactile fabrics and textures, and those ideas extended to the bags, especially in a series of terrific (if, perhaps, not terrifically functional) fur top handles. The runway versions of these bags may look a bit overwhelming, but in their stripped down versions, I could see them appealing to the same shoppers who adore the Proenza Schouler PS1.

On the other end of the spectrum, the runway also held a series of mostly simple shoulder bags structured on frame closures, which is a trend I’m pretty sure we’ll see pick up major steam over the next six months. Take a look at all the runway bags below.

I love this collection. The cotton Prada logo on the exterior is simply genius. I’m loving the focus on smooth and slouchy leathers. The stud detailing on the bags is done in the right way, not over the top or tacky. I love that knitted clutch with Prada tag on it.

Not feeling it. For some reason the over-the-top embellishments and design work for Gucci. I’m not feeling it on these. The trompe l’oeil looks cheap. I do, however, like the fringe bags with the metallic accents.

If someone anonymously left #23 & 26 on my doorstep as a present, I certainly wouldn’t turn them down as a present or anything — that style speaks to me. And the color/texture combo on 18 is wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk,fake prada bags china ,handbags replica,high quality designer replica handbags,high quality prada replica handbags,high quality replica handbags,prada bags replica wholesale,prada cahier bag replica,prada replica,prada replica bags india,prada replica shoes,replica designer handbags. But I cannot get behind the furry handles, I think I would feel like I was dragging a muppet around by its tail all day.

It’s easy to fall into buying the same types of bags, I’ve done it myself. You find a style you like, decide it is ‘so you‘, and then you keep buying the same type of bag. Sure, you end up with different shapes but overall your bag collection starts to look the same. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing that you know your personal aesthetic, but there’s something to be said about changing things up as well. I’m always looking for something different and right when I saw the Prada Plex Ribbon Geometric Bag, I knew it was just the type of bag that my collection can use.

I love a good shoulder bag, especially one that offers a long shoulder strap. In this case, the strap is optional, so you can carry this bag as a clutch as well and I actually think I prefer it that way. The focal point of the bag is the geometric plexi tab closure which gives the bag a very modern finish. Through the plexi tab closure, two leather tabs can be looped to both open and close the bag. I liked playing with the leather straps to sometimes show just one or both (in the colors that I had, the second leather strap was black), though on the runway both straps always showed. The interior of this bag offers just the right amount of space along with one slip pocket.

Overall, this is a really cool bag that I find myself really drawn to. I love the color combos Prada paired together in each (both the blue and pink are the most perfect hues of their respective colors, then again I think Prada makes some of the most gorgeous blue and pink hues). I felt a very South Beach vibe with this bag and the colors I was sent to check out. But mostly, I found this to be the Prada that I know and love: classic with a modern twist. Buy via Prada or black and white version are available at Neiman Marcus for $2,280.

I’m conflicted about this one. Might be in the “cute bag but just not my style” category. I would probably admire it if I saw someone else carrying it.

You can’t adjust the strap – but the strap felt good on my shoulder I can say. I just didn’t show a photo that way because I loved it as a clutch!

I honestly think it’s much more usable as an everyday bag than replica designer handbags suppliers,replica handbags,replica handbags china,replica prada backpack,replica prada handbags cheap,wholesale replica designer handbags,wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping,wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk appears. If you don’t have to carry a lot, you can fit the necessities inside and the style is great!

My favorite colors are light pink and baby blue does that combo is calling my name. I checked out the Prada and Newman Marcus sites, and I really like the bicolored strap.
I guess that I’m at an age now that I don’t want to drop $2300 on a bag that I don’t consider an everyday bag. I don’t think that I would get my money’s worth out of it.how festive and young, its perfect for younger girls – more a Miu Miu style than Prada in my opinion